Upon signing a listing agreement with Scott Paul, we will take the following actions.


We will work together to establish showing procedures that accommodate your family’s specific needs.


I will review the condition & staging of your home and make suggestions to help you present your home to buyers in the most appealing way.


I will prepare a powerful and compelling description of your home and compile house data for the Multiple Listing Service. (The MLS is the primary avenue where the 1600 agents in Lake County, plus elsewhere in Illinois) obtain information about your home so they can match the needs of their clients against available properties. About 85% of all sales result from implementing this process so it is important to have a compelling presentation.


The internet has become the primary avenue that the public uses to independently search for homes. It is absolutely essential to have a professional web presence. I place your home on, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo,, RE/, plus many more websites. Your home will also be searchable on the websites of all the other area Realtors who provide home search tools on their websites. I have made it a top priority to present your home in an appealing and compelling manner to the widest possible audience through a quality internet presentation.


In order to maximize your chances of a sale, I aggressively contact agents for feedback (by email, and by cell phone). This creates an opportunity to answer questions, overcome objections, and persuade an offer.  It also gives us an opportunity to learn if buyers are finding better value elsewhere, and helps us make informed decisions about the price or condition of your home. I track showings and feedback on a spreadsheet that I can email to you regularly.


When a contract comes in I will analyze the strength of the offer and evaluate the financial qualifications of the buyer. I will advise you on a negotiating strategy.


After we negotiate a contract I monitor the transaction constantly until closing. This includes providing recommendations on how to respond to issues that come up during the process – including how to respond to items identified during a home inspection.


I have been helping sellers in this market for more than 20 years. I will work hard on your behalf--using the same skills and experience that helped over 800 clients have a smooth and successful transaction. I look forward to working with you and helping you have a successful sale also.