Buying a Home?  The Right Realtor Can Make a Difference


The average buyer knows little about the role and value of a Real Estate Agent in the home buying process, other than that they drive people around and find homes for them.  The truth is that a good Realtor provides service and value throughout the transaction, and the quality of advice and service a Buyer receives could  make a huge difference in the choice of property selected, the bargain negotiated, and in the amount of stress encountered in resolving the issues, problems, and details that must be handled.


My job is to help you evaluate the marketplace, evaluate the opportunities and values in the marketplace, and help make the best selection for you and your family.  Then I can help you acquire the home that meets your family and financial needs in a manner that reduces the stress and anxiety that is associated with buying a new home.


The experience and skill of the Buyer's Realtor can make a huge difference in the outcome of the transaction.  Let's take a look at what the role of a Realtor who is working on the Buyer's side of the home purchase.


The Realtor's Role in the Home Buying Process


1. Understand the Buyer's wants and needs in the home they want to purchase.

          a.  Preferred style.

          b.  Preferred features - age, bedrooms, baths, garage, basement, fireplace, etc.

          c.  Preferred location.

          d.  Any other priorities.


2. Understand the financial limits and preferences of a Buyer.

          a.  What types of financing does Buyer qualify for?  Pros & cons of different financing options.

          b.  What payment range is comfortable?  What is the maximum payment possible?

          c.  Discuss the value of mortgage pre-approval.

          d.  Discuss the earnest money deposit.

          e.  Recommend mortgage lenders who have a track record of good performance.


3.  Selection Assistance Services.

          a.  Provide online access for Buyers to view listed properties.

          b.  Provide recommendations for homes to see based on Buyer's needs and financial limits.

          c.  Schedule appointments and provide access selected homes.

          d.  Point out to Buyer any positive and negative physical & economic attributes observed.


4.  Professional Negotiation as Your Agent

          a.  Evaluate recently sold similar homes to estimate correct current market value.

          b.  Review tax data & other clues to estimate the Seller's equity position.

          c.  Recommend a negotiating strategy based on all relevant data.

          d.  Draft purchase offer.

          e.  Present offer and handle counter offers.




5.  Post Contract Activities, Communication, & Closing Coordination

          a.  Transmit fully executed contract to all parties including Lender and Buyer's Attorney.

          b.  Recommend qualified Home Inspectors.

          c.  Schedule home inspection.

          d.  Make suggestions/recommendations regarding items found during home inspections.

          e.  Monitor the financing process.  Assist in resolving issues and problems as needed.

          f.  Advise Buyer regarding scheduling/moving/closing coordination.

          g.  Arrange for final walkthrough.

          h.  Present your keys at the closing!


6. Post Closing Follow-Up & Service

          a.  Serve as an ongoing resource for real estate service and questions.


Specific Benefits of Working with Scott Paul


1.  Extensive market knowledge and experience (20+ years and 800+ transactions).

2.  Save time by helping to focus your home search to the best choices.

3.  Strong analytical skills to identify great deals vs. overpriced homes.

4.  Use the latest internet tools both for property search and ongoing communication.

5.  Tough, skilled negotiator who will work in your best interest.

6.  Experienced at recognizing, pre-empting, and solving problems that can arise.

7.  Working relationships with a number of top quality support service providers.

8.  Commitment to frequent and comprehensive communication throughout the process.

9.  Dedicated to making your home purchase a great experience.


Choosing the right Realtor to guide you through the home buying process can save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.  After 16+ years selling homes in Lake County and helping more than 650 families with their real estate transactions I have developed the systems and skills that enable me to provide the best service possible to Home Buyers today.



Scott Paul Would Like To Help You Buy Your Next Home


I hope this information is helpful to you.  You are welcome to contact me any time with your real estate questions. I am looking forward to helping make your next home purchase a great experience!